Hypergraphics Studio Inc. will be assisting you in presentation set-up and coordination and will contact you directly. Visuals for all presentations must be submitted no later than Friday, April 10th, 2020.

For any special audio-visual equipment needs or questions concerning preparation (not content) of slides, Powerpoint, etc., please contact us at 212-868-3241 or conference@hypergraphicsny.com.

Step 1: Presenter Requirements

First please CLICK HERE to complete the Presentation Information Online Form.

Step 2: Submit Your Presentation

We do request the company presentations be sent in advance so they can be setup with the system to be used on-site at the conference and to create a backup to avoid technical issues.

The requested deadline for submitting presentations is Friday, April 10th, 2020.

You have two options for sending the presentation:

Option 1
If your presentation is small (under 5mb in file size) you can email to
> conference@hypergraphicsny.com

Option 2
You can upload your presentation by using the following link Presentation Upload
> Presentation Upload